Lucy was only two years old when her mother passed away. Her father remarried a widow with a son and daughter. Lucy’s father never revealed the truth about her life, so Lucy thought her stepmother was her real mother. Her father’s death a few months before graduating from high school left Lucy with the only family she had known, and they showed their true colors. Lucy’s stepmother secretly transferred Lucy’s inheritance to herself and told Lucy her father left them penniless. Lucy quit school and worked as a waitress to support the family. Her stepbrother stole money, including valuable items from Lucy’s work. The owner accused Lucy, and the police took her into custody. Will Lucy ever find out the truth about her life?

This is a really cute, inspirational book. I found the story to be very interesting and well written. It is a unique story that focuses on the importance of giving and sharing throughout one’s life.
I got this book to read with my one of my step granddaughters, and we both enjoyed it very much. I have always loved the tale about Cinderella, and this book has a similar storyline and feel. The protagonist, Lucy, works two jobs. She has been raised by a a stepmother named Patricia (she believes this is her real mother) who is a partying gold digger who is stealing all of the family money. She tells Lucy that the family is penniless. One day, Lucy looks at a childhood book that her father had read to her as a baby. Tucked away in the book is secret information that surprises her. That is when she realizes the truth about her siblings, her father, her mother, and Patricia. The story continues on from there. Overall, the book is inspirational, filled with hope and encouragement and has a happy ending.
-Amazon reviewer
I really liked this book, it was much like what if Cinderella took place in modern times. The story was effortless and fun to read.
A touching story of staying true to yourself even when it seems everything is against you.
A new kind of superhero story, helping the poor, the homeless, and abandoned children with a happy ending by giving away a million-dollar gift.
-Amazon reviewer

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