Matt Calderon is a caring husband and father of two children. His wife Maria suffers from a condition that limits her ability to perform manual work, forcing Matt to work two jobs to support his family. Despite their difficulties, the family is optimistic. But every now and then life throws a curveball. Matt’s boss accused him of stealing money from him. To make matters worse, Matt is in a gas station when a robbery occurs. He is trapped inside, surrounded by police, while his family waits for him to return home. What chances do they have now? Is there hope for them?

With so many stories of hope, encouragement, and inspiring life lessons, Mrs. Millionaire has stood out from the rest. I thoroughly enjoyed it and recommend to everyone. Great job!

Marissa Marchan has a penchant for storytelling . . . the kind of stories that quickly grab your attention, build your interest, ignite a range of your emotions, sadness, fear, disgust, surprise, and, of course, happiness at the end. “Mrs. Millionaire and the Bad Father” is such a story. The reader is pulled in with an introduction to the childhood of Matilde Jane Parker, a wild-child party girl. But life events intervene, and ‘Tilly’ grows up to become a super-rich philanthropist whose purpose in life is to lift the downtrodden from despair to joy. “Mrs. Millionaire and the Bad Father” is just the second of five such short-story books about these escapades of Tilly.

Very well written ~The message is very inspirational. I enjoyed very much.
I decided to read this book with my oldest son. We had a lot of fun and sparked a lot of questions for him. These are the types of story that allows me to believe there is still inspirational beings in the world.
For an early reader or first chapter book, I found Marchan’s writing engaging and easy to read. Though, I’m not sure if having a millionaire show up to solve all your life problems is the best message to teach children. Other than that, it was quite enjoyable.
Easy read with a plot that jumps along at a quick pace. Matt, the main character, is developed well. You will route for him from the beginning. The themes are familiar, and it all wraps up in a cute Christmas-colored bow at the end. My two criticisms would be that Matt’s wife agreed very quickly to leave town with him without much fuss or explanation, and I wish the boss would’ve got more of a kick in the pants for being so quick to pass judgment–but that’s just me.
-Amazon reviewer
The book was a quick read and followed the adventures of Mrs. Millionaire. I was a little confused at first since she did not appear in the story for a while. The book starts with the story of Matt wanting to create a wonderful Christmas for his family. Through a series of circumstances, he ends up making a bad decision and going “on the run” with his family. He meets Mrs. Millionaire in a surprising way, and she takes the family under her wings and helps to solve the family’s problems.
In the 1950’s, there was a television show called “The Millionaire” in which a wealthy philantropist doled out million-dollar checks to total strangers via his personal secretary. This story has the same feel to it. I found myself rooting for Matt and his family. The author could have expounded the details a bit more—what did each of the main characters look like–but after thinking about it, that would be nit-picking. The author delivers an uplifting story.
-Amazon reviewer
While I would love to be friends with Tilly the philanthropist, I do not wish be in such dire circumstances as to need her generous compassionate help. Matt is definitely a good choice for Tilly (Mrs. Millionaire) to give assistance to. He is a good man, good husband and good father, who through a series of unfortunate circumstances, finds himself in a world of trouble. This short story, part 2 of a collection, feels to be the right length. It is a well-written fast read,and one where you want to get to the end to see what happens. Nice happy ending, however, one just hopes that children and young adults don’t now expect that all problems can be solved by a well-intentioned ‘fairy godmother’.
Entertaining story with a heartfelt ending. Readable for any time of the year but especially enjoyable during the Christmas season.
-Amazon reviewer
From the start, I was taken by the story. The opening chapter skipped along with familiar themes in Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol” before changing direction. I loved the choices of names for two of the characters, Haley and Tilley. Fitting for this type of story. The pace of the story was rather good, though the flow seemed a little bumpy from time to time. I am not certain why as I read it, the imagery in my head took me back to a black and white romantic comedy set in the 1940s. Enjoyable.
Admittedly, I thought the story started slow and rather plain. Then as I read through it, I found it developed nicely and had a genuine charm to it. This is the perfect story for children of middle school years. It has heart. It shows a moral direction. Well done!
-Amazon reviewer

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