Marissa Marchan has written several books in middle grade, young adult, new adult romance, and short stories. Traditional publishing and self-publishing are both great ways to publish her books, but which path is the right choice?

There are many pathways to success as a writer. Both traditional and self-publishing routes give authors the opportunity to get their book out there. Marissa was adamant in her thoughts that traditional publishing was the legitimate and right way to do it. But technology has changed over the years.  eBook market is evolving. Publishing your own books has never been easier for authors. And after much consideration, Marissa decided to publish her books herself, and it was the best decision she’s ever made.  She maintains total control of her work without worrying about deadlines. Marissa gets to write the book she wants to write. She has 100% input in decision-making regarding the cover, the title, and marketing. She has full control over its success or failure. In short, she’s the boss of her own work. As an author and indie publisher, she maintains control of her book’s sales and distribution.

3 Ways Publishing is an independent publisher established in January 2020 to gain recognition and traction in the publishing world. 3 Ways Publishing publishes books that they are passionate about—books of fictional and entertaining stories to help children develop a love of reading and learning, young readers, fantasy, romance, and fiction for a variety of age groups with a strong female protagonist.

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