After his wife’s death, Dexter Curtis accepts a supervisory position at a textile company and moves to Connecticut, determined to provide a better life for his four children. His new job went well, but a colleague was cruel and jealous of him. He ruined Dexter’s reputation, resulting in Dexter losing his job. Dexter became depressed after he could not find work and turned to alcohol to relieve his stress. A tragic accident left him unconscious and in a coma. Child Protective Services placed the children in a temporary shelter until they could make other arrangements for them. They wanted to split them into two separate households. The youngsters have escaped because of this chain of events. Will Dexter get out of his coma? Is there a chance to reconcile and mending the family?

Nicely written story about a family’s journey after a devastating loss. Wish it were long but still, very enjoyable.
-Amazon reviewer
I greatly enjoyed reading through this short story. This was my first time reading a Mrs. Millionaire story, and I’m excited to explore the other titles in the series. The story was well thought out, and the characters were fun.
-Amazon reviewer
I feel that this book would keep younger reads excited along the storyline. There are sad parts and happy parts, with enough explanations for the child to relate to the events. It’s important for a children’s book to explain the implications of being fired; i.e. no more wages, running out of food and losing their residence. This book paints the scenes vividly to help the kid relate to the events being portrayed. The moral of the story is something I would want kids to absorb.
-Amazon reviewer
This is a short story book about a family’s tragedy, separation and ultimate reconciliation. We learn of the children’s determination to stay together and of the kindness of the family who helps the family reunite. It is a fun read.
-Amazon reviewer
Mrs. Millionaire and the Runaway Kids is a fast read, where the pieces fall together quickly. Marissa Marchan strives to inspire hope through dark circumstances. Positivity rules in Marchan’s story.
-Amazon reviewer
A fun little read in a much bigger series.
-Amazon reviewer
I liked that this book brought attention to the sometimes difficult reality faced by many families – loss, grief, hardship. There is also a message of hope here, siblings sticking together and persevering. And then there’s the fairytale ending which I suppose is a good thing, though if this book is intended for middle-graders I feel it can supply a mixed bag of messages that, while I appreciate the author has likely used her experience as a social worker to draw from, could be confusing for children of this age. Overall an engaging story that kept me wanting to know what happens.
-Amazon reviewer

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