Nancy never expected to work as a delivery girl. She had ambitions and big dreams. Nancy focused on her studies, and she participated in numerous school functions and set aside dating until she had a job. That was until she met Julius and found herself attracted to his bad boy, biker image and rebellious look. In a blink of an eye, Nancy’s dream of a successful career shattered. They got married at city hall with only a few friends present. Nancy’s parents had disowned her. Things went wrong when Nancy moved in with Julius’ parents in Wisconsin. His mother was a vindictive and dominating person. She monitored every second of their stay in their house, infuriating Nancy further. Her interference created tension in their relationship. Julius continued to have a wandering eye and an insatiable appetite for pretty women. Nancy caught her husband cheating, and she threatened to leave him. Julius begged her to stay. Should Nancy forgive him? Would they survive the infidelity?

Excellent writing. This book is thought provoking. I cheered for the character Nancy as I read. It gives hope that good things can happen to people that have gone through hard time.
-Amazon reviewer
This was a quick, cute read. This is a nice reminder in a book that life may not be going as planned, but it can get back on track. For some encouragement, pick up this book. Life is what you make out of it.
This book is written very well for the targeted middle school audience. However, it covers some subject matter, such as being disowned by your parents, unhappy marriages, being a single mother, which, for that age group, would need a bit more care to be discussed. Instead this book rushes right through them, I would have liked to see a bit more time paid to ensure that the target reader group understands their weight.
Loved Nancy and her perseverance is a lesson to all.
A cute story that reflects a good bit of life’s real experiences. I just wish we all had a Mrs. Millionaire to show up and rescue us. A quick, light read.
Studious girl meets bad boy biker story. Then, things get worse – bad biker had bad parents. Well-written story of transformation, overcoming obstacles, and lives being turned around. Check out Mrs. Millionaire!
A really fun read and full of dramatic twists!
-Amazon reviewer
I mean…who doesn’t like a narrative of tragedy and pain to end on a high note. Mrs. Millionaire and the Delivery Girl made me smile because it left me thinking about redemption in a way. Precisely as the God of the Bible loves on us and showers us with kindness – at times we’re left feeling undeserving. Hence it was with Nancy, with all the bad decisions she made in life, she could hardly believe the goodness two strangers showed her in a desperate time of need.
-Amazon reviewer
And a few spots I was like “yep seen that happen” enjoyable, short story.
-Amazon reviewer
This was an enjoyable short story with strong relatable characters. When it ended I wanted it to keep going. Always the mark of a good story.
-Amazon reviewer
This book features the archetypal bad boy with the girl who gives it all up to be with him… and his frustrating mother-in-law. Any woman who’s ever had to contend with a difficult and domineering mother-in-law will relate to this story. I found myself smirking as I read some of the scenes. This novella is fast-paced and you could read it in an hour on a commute. An enjoyable read 🙂
-Amazon reviewer

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