Matilde, or Tilly to her family and friends, is well-known for being a party girl. She enjoys unnecessary trouble despite being born into a wealthy family, and her wild behavior worsens as she gets older. Tilly meets Dusty, the man of her dreams, and learns for the first time what it means to give in and when to leave a relationship. But events, even the most uncontrollable and tragic ones, can play tricks on us, change our lives forever, and teach us lessons that we will never forget. Someone attacked Tilly in the underground parking lot, but fortunately a homeless person came by and saved her. That event alters her perspective on life and helps her become a better person.

Lilly and her friend Angie have decided to take a vacation because Angie is heartbroken about the end of a recent relationship. They decide to go to Monte Carlo — beautiful and romantic. One day when they are at an outdoor café, they meet handsome Luke and he invites them to stay at his villa in Tuscany. And Luke’s cousin Dusty is even hotter than Luke!
This was a book about recognizing compassion, Tilly was an affluent socialite jet-setter a la Paris Hilton. The main difference between them both is Tilly didn’t just want to rest on her laurels. It’s kind of strange a surprising event can guide your morals. The event didn’t deal directly with her friends. It dealt with a stranger fathoms beneath her social class.
A very interesting read that makes you think and, more importantly, feel. A short read that held my attention from start to finish. I look forward to more from this author.

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