I have posted nothing in so long. It was very difficult to find the correct word to say. Let’s face it. 2020 has been an eventful, unforgettable year. We were unprepared for an epidemic such as the corona virus (COVID-19).

I’m extremely thankful that my family has been saved from this virus so far. FaceTime and cell phones have allowed me to communicate with my children, siblings, and friends. I am so proud of my grandson, Ray, that although there were many obstacles and events, he was committed to finishing his school. This year, he got his associate’s degree. He recently moved into his dorm to become a university student.

Most people, if not all, have decided not to get the vaccine, and that is their right. Similarly, one of my husband’s friends and his wife believe that if you get vaccinated, you will turn into a zombie and so they have refused to be vaccinated. Fast forward: The husband contracted COVID-19 and remained in hospital for two weeks. This is the third week, and we learned that his condition had worsened and that he was in the ICU. We don’t have news about it yet. Praying for his speedy recovery. Sadly, three of my friend’s relatives passed away due to COVID-19.

We live in a different time now. Let’s put aside our beliefs for the time being. We’re never going to return to normal unless we’re on the same page. There is a saying: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Do your part and have your shots taken. I promise nobody will turn into a zombie, vampire or werewolf.

Please stay safe and healthy through these challenging times in our history.  

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