Vanessa Florence Grandeville, a Beverly Hills socialite and a spoiled brat from birth, celebrated her twenty-first birthday in Honolulu with her wealthy friends. By complete coincidence, in just one day, she kept bumping into Michael, a fisherman from a neighboring island. Vanessa hated and humiliated him, but Michael fell in love at first sight.

Vanessa and her friends chartered a yacht and set out to cruise for the weekend when complications arose. A violent storm caused their boat to capsize, and they fell overboard. The Coast Guard rescued everyone, except Vanessa, who drifted away. In a strange twist of fate, Michael found her at sea with a head injury and amnesia. He saved her life, but was he really a hero?

In that one moment in time, unexpected events that were rather remarkable caused their lives to collide. Was life playing tricks on them? Would they ever be able to overcome their differences?

A masterful author, Marissa Marchan, has created a fantastically romantic escape, horrifying, seductive, and suspenseful world that I am sure will excite everyone, not just for fans of YA, criminology, and suspense. I was drawn in from the beginning by this alternate world and the very modern young adults who race through it in this tale of struggle, self-discovery, and perseverance. The characters are compelling and thrilling to follow throughout their life journeys. Terrific read!
-Amazon reviewer
I wasn’t sure what to expect from this novel given its title, and it indeed starts off with a riff on a cliche. Once I got past that though, I enjoyed the read. The plot had some interesting twists, and the characters were interesting. This is going to turn out to be a good series.
-Amazon reviewer
A must well-written page turner involving a socialite, a spoiled brat and her wealthy friends. This book is easy to follow and engaging. Read it this weekend.
-Amazon reviewer
It was really hard to like Vanessa at first, but she gets better and her relationship with Michael is sweet. If you like redemption stories and romance, this book is for you. Hang in till the end 🙂
-Amazon reviewer
I like the story line and the characters and the book keeps you intrigued and on the edge of your seat. Good read and looking forward to the next book.
-Amazon reviewer

Reviewed in the United States on October 25, 2019

The same story is told in the movie ‘Swept Away’ featuring Madonna. A proud, arrogant, and merchantile, and selfish woman is placed in a situation where she has to shift her behavior to survive. I really enjoyed reading this book since it gives more time to contemplate about people’s situational behaviors.

‘Forbidden Love (Spoiled Brats Book Series 1)’ is a psychological and romantic work. I am sure women will love this book for a lot of tender and warm moments. On the opposite side, men will discover different patterns of female behavior and psychology throughout the book. This story teaches us that women are highly adaptive creatures. In order to survive, a woman is ready to get rid of her arrogance and pride. However, when she is put in a better situation and she is not in needd for a man anymore, her arrogance comes back.

-Amazon reviewer
My Amnesia Girl by Marissa Marchan is an addictive sweet romance that all will love. The characters are charming. A wealthy yet spoiled woman keeps running into a young fisherman who is kind. He falls in love with her despite her not liking him. Two highly different people from two very different social classes are brought together by fate once again. Vanessa Grandeville goes out on a boat with her girlfriends when a storm hits and all fall overboard. They are all safe and found except for Vanessa. Vanessa is missing and it so happens that fate will once more bring Michael, the kind fisherman, to her rescue. He finds her but she has amnesia. The suspense on whether Vanessa or Michael will or will not fall in love together is something readers will have to find out by reading this beautifully written romance. I enjoyed reading this novel by Marissa Marchan and I highly recommend it to readers everywhere. Her writing will lure you deeply into this enchanted tale where love conquers all. Overall, I rate it a five out of five stars.
-Amazon reviewer


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