Vanessa Florence Grandeville, a Beverly Hills socialite and a spoiled brat from birth, celebrated her twenty-first birthday in Honolulu with her wealthy friends. By complete coincidence, in just one day, she kept bumping into Michael, a fisherman from a neighboring island. Vanessa hated and humiliated him, but Michael fell in love at first sight.

Vanessa and her friends chartered a yacht and set out to cruise for the weekend when complications arose. A violent storm caused their boat to capsize, and they fell overboard. The Coast Guard rescued everyone, except Vanessa, who drifted away. In a strange twist of fate, Michael found her at sea with a head injury and amnesia. He saved her life, but was he really a hero?

In that one moment in time, unexpected events that were rather remarkable caused their lives to collide. Was life playing tricks on them? Would they ever be able to overcome their differences?


hilary smith

July 17, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition

June 30, 2019

Format: Kindle Edition


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