Mrs. Millionaire Book Series Volume 1


is a collection of five fictional short stories. Each story focuses on a down-on-their-luck family or person who crosses paths with Mrs. Millionaire.

Matilde “Tilly” Jane Parker, known as Mrs. Millionaire, starts out as a jet setter and famous for her rebellious streak and reputation as a party girl. When Tilly faces a personal tragedy that event changes her perspective on life, and her experience has shaped her in many ways.  Rather than spend her life as a victim, she uses her influence and money to help anyone who couldn’t defend themselves. Tilly finds herself in many situations and, at times, working as an amateur detective, assisting troubled people in overcoming their problems in which she becomes embroiled. When Tilly receives a large inheritance from her grandparents, and with the support of her husband, Dusty, Tilly sets up a private foundation aim in helping deserving individuals with a million-dollar gift and a chance to change someone’s life for the better.  A homeless woman named Mary is the first recipient. No one would guess Tilly has a secret identity—a different superhero without a mask or costume, helping the poor, the homeless, and abandoned children.

Mrs. Millionaire and the Homeless Woman Book 1


Matilde, or “Tilly” to her family and friends, is known for her reputation as a party girl. Born to an affluent family, she loves to get herself into unnecessary trouble, and her wild behavior continues to escalate as she gets older. Tilly meets Dusty, the man of her dreams, and she finally understands what it means to give in and when to walk away. She learns to appreciate her family as she never has before. But sometimes events, even the most extenuating and tragic ones, play tricks on us that will change our lives forever and lessons we never forget. Someone attacks Tilly in the underground parking garage, but grateful that a homeless woman has come by and rescues her. That event changes her perspective on life and helps her become a better person. 

Mrs. Millionaire and the Bad Father Book 2


Matt Calderon is a faithful husband and loving father of two children. His wife, Maria, has a medical condition that limits her ability to do manual work and so Matt has to take two jobs to support his family. Despite the challenges they experience, the family remains hopeful and optimistic. But sometimes, life is full of surprises. Matt’s boss accuses him of stealing money. Matt, along with his wife and children, flees from their home to avoid arrest for a crime he did not commit.

To make matters worse, Matt is at the gas station when a robbery occurs. It traps him inside with police surrounding them while his family awaiting his return. Could there still be hope for them?

Mrs. Millionaire and the Waitress Book 3


Lucy was only two years old when her mother passes away. Her father remarries to a widow with a son and daughter.  Lucy’s father never reveals the truth about her life, and so Lucy thinks her stepmother is her real mother. Her father’s death a few months before graduating from high school leaves Lucy with the only family she has known, and they immediately show their true colors. Lucy’s stepmother secretly transfers Lucy’s inheritance to her name and tells Lucy her father leaves them penniless. Lucy quits school and works as a waitress to support the family. Her stepbrother steals money, including valuable items from Lucy’s work. The owner accuses Lucy, and the police take her into custody. Will Lucy ever find out about her life and accepts the truth? 

Mrs. Millionaire and the Runaway Kids Book 4


With the desire and determination to give his four children a better life and to restore the relationship with them, after his wife’s death, James Curtis accepts a position as a supervisor at a textile company and moves to Connecticut. Things have been great at his new job, but one coworker is spiteful and envious of him. He discredits James, causing him to lose his job. Unable to find work, James becomes depressed and looks to a bottle for relief. Because of an accident, it leaves him in a coma. Child Services takes the children to a shelter until they could put them in foster homes. They plan to split them up and place in two different houses. That chain of events made the children run away.

Will James come out of the coma? Will the family reunite and made whole again?

 Mrs. Millionaire and the Delivery Girl Book 5


Nancy never expects to work as a delivery girl. She has ambitions and big dreams. Nancy focuses on her studies, and she takes part in many school functions and even set aside dating until she has a job.  That is until she meets Julius and finds herself attracted to his bad boy, biker image, and rebellious look. In a blink of an eye, Nancy’s dream of a successful career shatters. They get married at a City Hall with only a few friends present. After the marriage, Nancy’s parents disown her. Things go wrong when Nancy moves in with Julius’ parents in Wisconsin. His mother is a rigorous and dominating person.  Her interference creates tension in their relationship. Nancy helps with their courier business and delivers packages. Julius continues to have a wandering eye and an insatiable appetite for pretty women. Nancy catches her husband cheating, and she threatens to leave him. Julius begs her to stay.

Should Nancy forgive him? Would they survive the infidelity?