A Magical Storybook Series tells the amazing adventure of a young boy filled with love, faith, hope, and courage, as well as an incredible experience filled with heartwarming stories that will lift your spirits and warm your hearts.

Theo and Mary, together with their son Ray and daughter Haley, live peacefully and joyfully in an enchanted forest far from civilization. In this strange and mysterious place, Theo and Mary discover that their children were born with unique gifts. Ray possesses extraordinary powers, including the ability to interact with animals and elements, while Haley has a natural ability to communicate with plants and animals. When Theo learns that the people who drove them away from their homes years ago blame them for the desolation of his old town, he must embark on a journey to prove their innocence. When Theo and Haley disappear, Ray uses his wits and magical abilities to find them in the most polluted and smelliest place in the world!



Vanessa Florence Grandeville, a Beverly Hills socialite and infamous spoiled brat, celebrated her 21st birthday with her wealthy friends in Honolulu. By chance, she ran into Michael, a fisherman from a nearby island, the same day. Vanessa humiliated him, but Michael fell in love at first sight.

Vanessa and her friends had rented a yacht for a weekend cruise when complications arose. Their boat capsized in a fierce storm and swept them overboard. The Coast Guard rescued everyone except Vanessa, who drifted away. Michael found her at sea suffering from a head injury and amnesia. He saved her life, but did he deserve to be regarded as a hero?

Unexpected and remarkable events brought their lives together. Was it possible that life played a joke on them? Will these people overcome their differences?

Twenty-two-year-old Beverly Hills socialite Samantha Isabella St. James is devastated when she learns her father intends to force her to marry the son of a wealthy businessman to pay for his debt. She flees on her wedding day and is unaware of the impact of her actions. Samantha seeks refuge in the stranger’s house and reluctantly accepts a job as a nanny for Benjamin McClain, an eccentric, handsome young entrepreneur, after someone steals her wallet and leaves her penniless. There is an immediate and clear affinity between them. Will Samantha’s life become more complicated when she has to choose between saving her father and following her heart?




Mrs. Millionaire Short Story Book series is a collection of fictional stories. Each story focuses on an unlucky family or individual who crosses paths with Mrs. Millionaire.

Matilde “Tilly” Jane Parker begins as a jet setter known for her rebellious streak and reputation as a party girl. When Tilly suffers a personal tragedy, it changes her perspective on life, and her experience has shaped her in many ways. Rather than living her life as a victim, she uses her power and wealth to help those who cannot defend themselves. Tilly finds herself in various situations and occasionally works as an amateur detective who helps people in need solve the problems she is involved in.

Matilde, or Tilly to her family and friends, is well-known for being a party girl. She enjoys unnecessary trouble despite being born into a wealthy family, and her wild behavior worsens as she gets older. Tilly meets Dusty, the man of her dreams, and learns for the first time what it means to give in and when to leave a relationship. But events, even the most uncontrollable and tragic ones, can play tricks on us, change our lives forever, and teach us lessons that we will never forget. Someone attacked Tilly in the underground parking lot, but fortunately a homeless person came by and saved her. That event alters her perspective on life and helps her become a better person.

Matt Calderon is a caring husband and father of two children. His wife Maria suffers from a condition that limits her ability to perform manual work, forcing Matt to work two jobs to support his family. Despite their difficulties, the family is optimistic. But every now and then life throws a curveball. Matt’s boss accused him of stealing money from him. To make matters worse, Matt is in a gas station when a robbery occurs. He is trapped inside, surrounded by police, while his family waits for him to return home. What chances do they have now? Is there hope for them?

Lucy was only two when her mother died. Her father married a widow with two children. Lucy’s father never told her the truth about her upbringing, so Lucy assumed her stepmother was her biological mother. Her father died several months before graduating from high school, leaving Lucy with the only family she knew, and they revealed their true colors. Lucy’s stepmother secretly transferred her inheritance to herself, and told Lucy that her father had left them penniless. Lucy left school to work as a waitress to support her family. Her stepbrother stole money and valuables from Lucy’s work. The owner accused Lucy, and the police arrested her. Will Lucy ever uncover the truth of her past?

After his wife’s death, Dexter Curtis accepts a supervisory position at a textile company and moves to Connecticut, determined to provide a better life for his four children. His new job went well, but a colleague was cruel and jealous of him. He ruined Dexter’s reputation, resulting in Dexter losing his job. Dexter became depressed after he could not find work and turned to alcohol to relieve his stress. A tragic accident left him unconscious and in a coma. Child Protective Services placed the children in a temporary shelter until they could make other arrangements for them. They wanted to split them into two separate households. The youngsters have escaped because of this chain of events. Will Dexter get out of his coma? Is there a chance to reconcile and mending the family?

The last thing Nancy wanted was to work as a delivery girl. She had high goals in mind. After holding off dating until she got a job, Nancy made it a priority to stay in school and participate in as many activities as possible. Her perception of bad boys and bikers changed when she met Julius. Nancy’s ambition to pursue a prosperous career shattered in an instant. They married at City Hall with just a few friends present. Nancy’s parents disowned her. When Nancy moved in with Julius’s parents in Wisconsin, things turned for the worse. His mother was vengeful and tyrannic. She kept track of every detail of her stay, which irritated Nancy even more. This has caused friction in their relationship. Julius’ wandering eye persisted. Nancy discovered her husband was cheating on her and threatened to leave him. Julius begged her not to go. Will Nancy forgive him? Will they continue after the betrayal?



Have you ever been taken by surprise and had no idea what was going on? To propose to his fiancée, Dan Collins, an advertising account executive, worked hard to get the promotion he wanted. However, a colleague threatens to sabotage his plans for a happily ever after. He sabotages Dan’s career, leading to his dismissal, and his life spirals out of control. Will Dan ever prove his innocence? Is a wedding for him still on the horizon?

Lesley is a single mother of her seven-year-old daughter Haley. Her boyfriend Stanley disappeared after she gave birth. With nowhere else to go, Lesley makes amends with her mother and returns home. Everything was fine until her mother married Jacob, a man ten years younger, and Lesley’s life turned into a massive battleground. Lesley does not get along with him, which leads to friction between her and her mother. Lesley and her daughter moved out of the house after her mother chose her new husband. What will happen to them? Will she be able to support her daughter?

Ray Griffin is an unfortunate street musician. His wife divorced him and left with their eight-year-old daughter. He has had nothing but bad luck and a series of misfortunes since leaving Texas. Ray became homeless and moved away. He wants to get his life back on track and find a permanent job, so he can regain custody of his daughter. Will Ray overcome the seemingly insurmountable obstacles on his path? Will he see his daughter, whom he has not seen for a long time, and reunite with her?

Regie Adams, a forty-year-old dairy farmer, has worked all his life. After several years of feeding, cleaning and milking cows every day, he had had enough and tried his luck elsewhere, despite his mother’s protests. Regie boarded a bus outside the city and finds himself in the midst of a series of disasters. Eventually, he found himself in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was content with his simple life as a taxi driver until one fateful night when everything changed. Two men followed a woman who signaled for him to stop. Would this event change his life for the better or for the worse, given his history of bad luck?