follows the lives of a group of teenage rich kids living in the upscale town of Beverly Hills. The stories chronicle not only their lavish lifestyle, mingling with the elite, attending exclusive parties, dealing with friendship and family relationship, but also their transition from adolescence to adulthood, and finding love in an unusual situation.


Vanessa Florence Grandeville, a Beverly Hills socialite and a spoiled brat from birth, celebrated her twenty-first birthday in Honolulu with her wealthy friends. By complete coincidence, in just one day, she kept bumping into Michael, a fisherman from a neighboring island. Vanessa hated and humiliated him, but Michael fell in love at first sight.

Vanessa and her friends chartered a yacht and set out to cruise for the weekend when complications arose. A violent storm caused their boat to capsize, and they fell overboard. The Coast Guard rescued everyone, except Vanessa, who drifted away. In a strange twist of fate, Michael found her at sea with a head injury and amnesia. He saved her life, but was he really a hero?

In that one moment in time, unexpected events that were rather remarkable caused their lives to collide. Was life playing tricks on them? Would they ever be able to overcome their differences?

In that one moment in time, unexpected events that are rather remarkable cause their lives to collide. Is life playing tricks on them? Will they ever be able to overcome their differences?



When twenty-two-year-old Beverly Hills socialite, Samantha Isabella St. James, receives the news that her father intends to force her to marry the son of a wealthy industrialist as payment for his debt, it ravages her and runs away without considering the repercussions of her action. When someone steals her wallet and leaves her penniless, Samantha has no choice but to accept refuge at the home of a stranger and reluctantly works as a governess for an eccentric young entrepreneur named Benjamin McClain. The attraction between them is instant and undeniable. Faced with the impossible decision of saving her father or following her heart, could Samantha’s life get any more complicated?