Mrs. Millionaire Short Story Book Series is a collection of fictional stories. Each story focuses on an unlucky family or individual who crosses paths with Mrs. Millionaire.

Matilde “Tilly” Jane Parker begins as a jet setter known for her rebellious streak and reputation as a party girl. When Tilly suffers a personal tragedy, it alters her perspective on life, and her experience has shaped her in many ways. Rather than living her life as a victim, she uses her power and wealth to assist those who cannot defend themselves. Tilly finds herself in a variety of situations and occasionally works as an amateur detective, assisting people in distress to solve the problems in which she becomes involved.

Have you ever been taken completely by surprise and had no idea what was going on? In order to propose to his fiancée, Dan Collins, an advertising account executive, worked really hard to get the promotion he desired. However, a coworker threatens to sabotage his plans for a happily ever after. He sabotages Dan’s career, which results in his dismissal, and his life spirals out of control. Is Dan ever going to prove his innocence? Is a wedding still on the horizon for him?

Lesley is a single mother to her five-year-old daughter, Haley. Her boyfriend, Stanley, disappeared after she gave birth. With nowhere else to go, Lesley makes amends with her mother and returns home. Everything was fine until her mother married Jacob, a man ten years her junior, and Lesley’s life turned into a massive battleground. Lesley doesn’t get along with him, which causes friction between her and her mom. Lesley and her daughter moved out of the house after her mother chose her new husband over her. What will happen to them? Is she capable of supporting her daughter?

Ray Griffin is an unfortunate street musician. His wife divorced him and left with their eight-year-old daughter. He’s had nothing but bad luck and a string of misfortunes since leaving Texas. Ray became homeless and moved around. He wants to get his life back on track and find a permanent job so he can reclaim custody of his daughter. Will Ray be able to overcome the seemingly insurmountable obstacles in his path? Will he see his daughter, whom he hasn’t seen in a long time, and reunite with her?

Regie Adams, a forty-year-old dairy farmer, has spent his entire life working. After several years of feeding, cleaning, and milking cows daily, he had had enough and tried his luck somewhere else, despite his mother’s protests. Regie boards a bus outside of town and finds himself in the midst of a series of disasters. He eventually found himself in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was content with his simple life as a taxi driver until one fateful night when everything changed. Two men were following a woman who signaled for him to stop. Would this event change the course of his life for the better or for the worse, given his history of bad luck?


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