Mrs. Millionaire Short Story Book Series Volume 2 is a collection of five fictional short stories. Each story focuses on a down-on-their-luck family or person who crosses paths with Mrs. Millionaire.

Matilde “Tilly” Jane Parker, known as Mrs. Millionaire, starts out as a jet setter and famous for her rebellious streak and reputation as a party girl. When Tilly faces a personal tragedy, that event changes her perspective on life, and her experience has shaped her in many ways. Rather than spend her life as a victim, she uses her influence and money to help anyone who couldn’t defend themselves. Tilly finds herself in many situations and, at times, works as an amateur detective, assisting troubled people in overcoming their problems in which she becomes embroiled.


Have you ever been caught by surprise and didn’t know what hit you? Advertising account executive, JJ Collins, has been working hard to get the coveted promotion so he can propose to his girlfriend of two years. However, a colleague threatens to ruin his happy ending. He sabotages JJ at work, and his life spirals out of control. Will JJ be able to prove his innocence? Are wedding bells still in his future?

Lesley is a single mother of a five-year-old daughter, Haley. Her boyfriend, Stanley, had disappeared after she gave birth. With no other place to go, Lesley patches things up with her mother and moves back home. Things go well for a while until her mother marries Jacob, a man ten years her junior, and Lesley’s life becomes one huge battlefield. Lesley doesn’t get along with him, and this brings tension between her and her mother. When her mother choses her new husband over her, Lesley is devastated, and with a baby in tow, she moves out. What will happen to them now? Will she be able to care and provide for her baby?

Ray Griffin is a down-on-his-luck street musician. His wife had divorced him and had taken their eight-year-old daughter with her. Ray has had nothing but bad luck and experienced a series of unfortunate events since he moved out of Texas. He became homeless and moved from one place to another. Ray is determined to find a steady job to get his daughter back. Will he be able to overcome the obstacles in his path, even with the most seemingly insurmountable odds? Will he see his daughter he hasn’t seen in a long time and reconnect with her again?

What do you do when you find yourself facing adversity? How do you overcome the shock of a job loss after many years through no fault of his own?Carlos Angelo, a sixty-two-year-old Italian man, is an elevator operator in a luxury apartment building in lower Manhattan. It is his first and only job when he came to America forty years ago. He is dedicated, loyal employee and loved by everyone, receiving multiple “Employee of the Month” awards. And then in a blink of an eye, he loses it all when his employer decides to keep up with the latest technology and let him go because his job becomes obsolete. What will his future look like when everything seems to be against him?

Regie Adams is a forty-year-old dairy farm worker and has been for all of his life. After many years of feeding, cleaning, and milking cows every day, he is tired of it and decides to try his luck somewhere else against his mother’s objections. Regie encounters one disaster after another. He arrives nearly at the moment a hurricane strikes Florida. Regie hops aboard a bus out of the city and ends up in Oklahoma, but a tornado prevents him from being tempted to live there. He is on the move again until he settles in Las Vegas, Nevada. Regie works as a taxi driver trying to make ends meet. He is content to live a simple life and make his own decisions until his mother calls and plans to move in with him. Will it complicate his life already full of uncertainty? 


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