The other day at the store, I was waiting in line and I saw a seven-year-old girl with her mother standing in line at Smith’s paying. She was crying because she wanted to buy a toy. Her mother was loading her groceries and when she saw her daughter crying, she turned around and scolded her. She screamed so loud everyone could hear. The little girl cried hysterically, and the mother yelled at her more.

My mind drifted and remembered the time with my daughter when she was that age. We were at a Chinese restaurant in Los Angeles near our apartment on Hoover Street. We were sitting down, and the waitress gave us our menu. My husband and I were checking out what to order when my daughter, holding her own menu, blurted out “Oh my goodness! I can’t read Kung Fu.” My husband and I laughed so hard we cried.

My daughter, Lesley is now thirty-seven years old, but that memory lingers on and will remember it until the end of time. I realized that my daughter, and I spent a lot of quality time together when she was growing up. Part of our Saturday morning activity was watching animated cartoons and Kung Fu Theater at noon.

We had limited money since we just moved to Los Angeles from Hawaii and my husband and I were in our early twenties and just started a new job. But when our daughter asked us to buy her Cabbage Patch Kids, we can’t say no. To those who don’t know, Cabbage Patch Kids were popular toy fads of the 80s. They were ugly dolls, but for some reason, my daughter was obssessed with them.

She loved playing with Cabbage Patch Kids. She used to dress them up, slept with them, and there were times she would throw them in the bathtub. But when a news broke that they were possessed, rumor or not, I tried to take them away from my daughter, but she won’t give them up. Oh, that Cabbage Patch Kids gave me nightmares. Not because of the evil news, but because I can’t separate them from Lesley. She outgrew them when she became much older. But what a nightmare!

What could cause such an uproar about Cabbage Patch Kids? Who knows who started that rumor, but it was one of the best memories I had with my daughter.

I will surely tell Lesley about it. I am sure she’s forgotten it, but this is one topic worth reminiscing.

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