It’s been a while since I posted on social media. Lots of things happened. Life has been busy. My mother passed away and although it’s been a year without her, each day was harder than the previous day.

It was different when my sister passed away at the young age of fifty-seven. I took a long time to cope with grief and loss, but I had my eight-year-old grandson, Ray with me at that time. He gave me the strength and courage to move on with my life. He pulled me through the most trying moment in my life. He is now nineteen, busy with life, school, and lives in another state.

Nothing can prepare us for what it’s like to lose our mother. But I am slowly getting back to myself, and a little writing helps. We also moved to our new house built in 1968, so it was a fixer upper. We had to replace almost everything. It took six months before we officially moved in, but it was six months that kept me busy and my mind occupied. I know the grieving process takes a long time and requires a lot of energy. I know I will find reasons to smile again. One day, I will learn to accept she is now in heaven watching over me.

Thank you, mom, for all the good times we had. I will cherish the memories forever and I love you so much. Rest in peace.

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