FIRST CHAPTER: Mrs. Millionaire and the Homeless Woman Book 1

                                         CHAPTER ONE

“Dance, dance, dance . . . Keep on dancing.”

The music played by Chic blasting from the speakers. The lights dimmed, and the disco ball rotating above the dance floor spun slowly. A glittering of the lights fell across the room like fireflies. Tilly and her best friend, Angie, were dancing jubilantly, bumping into each other, screaming with laughter. Their college friends joined them on the dance floor as they bust a move. They were in Cabo San Lucas during winter break to party.

Tilly needed fresh air, so she wriggled through the crowded bar with her friends behind her and went to the pool area where Latin music wafted through the air. It was infectious music, and everyone moved to the beat, whether or not they could dance. They could hear people splashing around, even at this late hour—nearly midnight. And what’s a party without drinks? Tilly bought a round of vodka straight on the rocks for the boys while she ordered tequila for the girls. These set-offs a couple more shots, and by the time they finished, they were so drunk they staggered back to their rooms, collapsed onto their bed, and woke the next morning with a hangover.

Believe it or not, it was just another typical day in the life of Tilly and her friends.

An heiress and socialite, Matilde Jane Parker, or “Tilly,” to her family and friends, had a reputation as a party girl. She was the daughter of a wealthy industrialist. She grew up in an upper-class environment. Tilly was a rich, spoiled college kid with a hefty monthly allowance. She was smart and headstrong, and never took her education seriously, but always performed well with little effort. Her parents over-indulged her, giving her everything she wanted: money, material possessions, and even rewarding her with no expectations of any responsibilities. They had a false belief that giving in to Tilly’s every whim meant her misbehavior would someday improve. It took a few years, but Tilly graduated with an associate degree in business management while living a carefree life.

Deciding on a vacation destination during summer had always been a challenge for Tilly. There were great cities to travel to in Asia, but this time, she and her friend were heading to Monte Carlo. Angie’s boyfriend had just broken up with her, in a text message no less, and Angie wasn’t sure how she could face the day, let alone get through it. It was too upsetting and awkward. She needed to get away.

Seeing her friend’s emotional state, Tilly thought Angie needed to mend her broken heart. A trip out of the country, drinking the best wine, eating exotic food, and meeting great looking men should allow her friend to focus on herself, forget her ex-boyfriend, and get some much-needed rest.


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